How to future proof your content in the age of AI

We all accept Alexa & Siri into our daily lives now but cast your mind back to 2011 / 2014 when they launched. How many times did we all stand there asking ‘Siri, what’s the weather like today?’ and getting a totally different response?

It takes time for AI to learn and to be accurate. We can’t expect tools like Chat GPT and Google Bard to *snaps fingers*, be working at 100% from the off.

Just like Alexa and Siri we can’t rely on AI to get it right first time…yet.

You should be using AI to help you with your marketing and content, but it should be a combination.

Use AI to help you create titles, concepts, ideas, even content for social media. Then you modify it. Make it accurate, make it presentable, and make it recognisable as your brand. It should look, sound, and feel like you.

The mistakes were going to see brands make are thinking that AI is perfect when it isn’t. Generating tons of content because “AI does it for me” isn’t a way to rank, drive traffic, or deliver value to your customers. Taking this approach is likely to hurt your site, and get you less traffic and less social engagement.

Instead, your focus should be on making sure your content is amazing, showcasing your brand, your expertise, your authority, and generating trust with your audience.

We talk to our clients about spending more time promoting content than creating it.

Have you tried AI yet?