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Your search marketing agency partner, made up of creative and technical individuals who are obsessed with breaking down the complexity of SEO, to help clients understand that the key elements to the online success of a brand is a blend of technical precision, data and human psychology.

When we studied the SEO landscape, we saw an industry that had forgotten the customer. We saw agencies who clouded themselves in technical mystery to sell mediocre, off-the-peg strategies to bamboozled clients. We saw that we could be different.

RICH is all about the customer

We focus on you, our client, our customer. What are your brand aspirations, what are your goals? How can we work as a team to achieve these?

And we think about your brand audience, your customer. What are the key insights about their online behaviour? How can we use these to create the most powerful SEO strategy?

As the saying goes…the customer is always right!

I love people. I always have. My entire career has centred around securing loyalty for Fortune 500 companies. At the heart of this is always people. My role at RICH is to align that customer focus with commercial value to move your business forward.

Sophie Munton / Commercial Director

Audience Collective

Audience Collective is a group of ambitious, specialist agencies, working together to connect brands with their audience. Ranked amongst the best in our market, we use our in-depth, expertise to help brands such as Amazon, Boots, Hisense and Unilever to out-manoeuvre their competition.

Our specialist agencies work side-by-side to deliver maximum impact and value for each client. Covering Brand Strategy, Market Research, Advertising, Search, Digital Transformation, ESG, Web Development and Digital Marketing, our teams are dedicated to delivering actionable insight, creating customer-first cultures and implementing strategic agility. The result: our ideas work better and our clients receive the best possible outcomes.

I’ve been knee deep in SEO for over 14 years. I’m fascinated by the world of SEO and all that it can offer businesses in their growth goals. SEO can seem a little unclear sometimes, but I’m here to change that and give businesses the clarity they need to understand the impact of our work. We work for you; it’s your business goals that drive us. I know I have the right tools to change where your business is today

Keir McCarton / Head of Search

Winning Formula

Audience Collective’s winning formula exploits the gap between generalist networks and fragmented specialists, creating improved opportunities for our people and a better experience and maximum results for our clients.

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