Insight-led digital and creative strategies.

What turns creativity and imagination into a high impact campaign? Really clever insights.

Basically, intelligence built on real data.


Insights are the glue that help great ideas stick. They root creative concepts in the real world and provide your audiences with reasons to believe in your brand message.

We’re experts at translating SEO data into meaningful decisions. We use a powerful combination of intelligence platforms to guide our creative process; combining technical talent with new thinking to achieve search success.

We take the complex and make it simple. Insights provide the recommendations for creating relatable, findable, shareable content that packs a punch. It’s the why, the what and the when in your SEO strategy. It’s the how and the who of your targeted digital PR outreach.

A solid understanding of your brand, your industry, your audience and cultural trends is how we identify opportunities to create impact. Knowing the right questions to ask and how to listen is how we deliver relevant, authentic, best in class campaigns.

Awesome creative, based on true stories.

Inspired and informed – that’s our approach, and it’s how we know our campaigns will work. Partner with us to better understand the opportunities to develop a robust SEO strategy, powered by intelligent data: The opportunities to improve visibility in search and build trust. Your target audience, how they search and how to create campaigns that resonate. How to improve technical SEO performance. How you benchmark against competitors and industry analysis. How to tap into trends and create relevant, authentic, shareable content. The opportunity to develop topical, data-lead newshooks and optimise your digital PR.

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A healthy website means healthy gains when it comes to ensuring top results in search engines. Our site audits comprehensively crawl and take a deep dive into your website. Our specialists cover everything, from your overall technical performance and website speed, to how your content copy and page titles are impacting your rankings. We’ll tailor the solutions to your specific needs and work alongside your developers to get your site performing at its best.

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Engaging content is key to achieving great search results, better click through rates and top conversion rates. Defining what does (and what doesn’t) work for your website is no mean feat. We’ll review your content and its performance across key metrics like dwell time, number of pages visited and bounce rates. We’ll layer on an editorial review looking at the quality and type of content you’ve created, and whether that’s right for what you’re trying to achieve. Our comprehensive keyword research and quality content creation is the next step. Our content isn’t just well-written and engaging for humans, it’s also designed to help get you surface through search.

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RICH’s backlink gap analysis offers invaluable insight into what links your competitors are gaining, exactly how they are doing it and more importantly – new ways for you to do it better. By doing this we can also work out what links both you and your competitors are missing, and get you ahead.

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Understanding your competitor’s performance and why they’re ranking higher is key to getting ahead. The RICH competitor benchmark reports allow you to get a crystal-clear idea of where you sit when it comes to search results. This factors in not only the areas where your site may be falling behind but also what you’re doing great at, so we can create a bespoke strategy to help you exceed. If knowledge is power, then consider us the CEO of SEO.

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Along with handling every aspect of a campaign, our talented team at RICH are also here to help to turn your in-house team into a team of keyword crawling, backlink tracking, content experts. If you’re keen to upskill your team’s technical knowledge, learn how to complete a full site audit, and write better copy – our training service will help you growing your own SEO, digital and content experts.