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The Power of Combining PPC & SEO

SEO and PPC both share the important goal of getting more traffic to your website but are totally different strategies to get users where you want them to be. If you’re looking for digital marketing strategies to reach your target consumers, you may be wondering which you should choose. The answer? You don’t have to! … Continued

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What you need to know and what it means for the future of search TikTok has launched a new search feature and it’s a direct move to take traffic from Google.  Keywords in the comments section are hyperlinked next to a magnifying glass icon, click on it and it’ll take you to a discovery page … Continued

How to future proof your content in the age of AI

We all accept Alexa & Siri into our daily lives now but cast your mind back to 2011 / 2014 when they launched. How many times did we all stand there asking ‘Siri, what’s the weather like today?’ and getting a totally different response? It takes time for AI to learn and to be accurate. We can’t … Continued

Cost of living crisis

How Are Brands Stepping Up to the Cost-of-Living Crisis?

With the cost-of-living crisis showing no signs of slowing down, how can brands protect their businesses?  Key takeaways: Offering helpful advice on shopping smarter pays off A direct approach demonstrates social awareness Authentic messages land better with audiences In difficult times, actions speak louder than words Creativity can trigger conversation There’s still a place for … Continued

Top SEO Trends In 2022

Having an online presence has never been so important for your business. For over two decades, businesses have grasped all the possibilities of the web to increase their chances of getting discovered and seen by customers and potential customers. The term SEO actually pre-dates Google. Even in the early days of “search engines”, savvy techy … Continued

Searching for Adventure: The Top Travel Destinations of 2022

Spain is the UK’s most searched-for destination This is closely followed by the US, Italy, France, and Portugal Dubai and Dublin come out as the top searched-for cities to visit Search data shows a 341% year-on-year increase in travel demand Holidaymakers are hungrier than ever to get their next trip abroad secured in their calendars. … Continued

Three Things Every Brand Should Be Doing To Boost Authenticity

Authenticity. As a marketer, you’ll have seen a whole lot of this word circulating around the sector over the last couple of years. But now is by no means the time to let it become diluted amongst the sea of marketing trends that come and go so regularly. Take our word for it: Honesty will … Continued

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