What you need to know and what it means for the future of search

TikTok has launched a new search feature and it’s a direct move to take traffic from Google.

 Keywords in the comments section are hyperlinked next to a magnifying glass icon, click on it and it’ll take you to a discovery page of videos related to the keyword.

Featured snippets aren’t new, Google rolled them out a few years ago. Essentially getting to a search answer a lot faster. And now TikTok has launched a very similar feature. The rollout has started with informational content, think how-to guides, recipes etc.

As users are looking for faster answers to their search queries, this is a strong move from Tik Tok.

 Think this doesn’t affect you… wrong!

Google’s Senior Vice President of Google Knowledge and Information, said that 40% of young people go to TikTok or Instagram when looking for a place to eat, as opposed to Google Maps or Search.

It will likely have huge power for creators looking to build a following and drive brand awareness. It will also keep users on the platform for longer, a platforms goal is to make the users time their worthwhile and showing them what they like and what is relevant. The new snippets feature does just that.

What’s next for TikTok?

Will we be saying, I’ll just TikTok it?