The Power of Combining PPC & SEO

SEO and PPC both share the important goal of getting more traffic to your website but are totally different strategies to get users where you want them to be.

If you’re looking for digital marketing strategies to reach your target consumers, you may be wondering which you should choose.

The answer? You don’t have to! Harness a combined approach as they are complementary to each other.

Benefits of combining both strategies

Both SEO and PPC have their own unique qualities, but here we like to see them as two sides of the same coin. They can be used together as complementary strategies, and you will reap a whole lot more benefits than using them separately.

Gain a comprehensive view of your marketing activities

By making use of cross-channel reporting, you’ll be able to have a broader understanding of your digital marketing activities, their success rates, and where you need to improve. Analysing how users interact with your paid ads can give you valuable insight into the kinds of keywords and copy that is most successful.

Combine instant awareness with longevity

PPC campaigns give you results right away. SEO is a slow burn so you can give your brand immediate awareness with PPC while you wait for SEO results to catch up.

Find out more about your audience

You can collect data about your audience from your PPC campaigns; what made them click, and what visuals are the most effective. You can use this data to find out more about their search intent, improve your SEO and write copy based on the queries your audience is using.

Increased brand confidence

Having an efficient SEO and PPC strategy will allow you to climb the rankings. Buyers are much more likely to trust brands they see on the first page of Google. If consumers see your brand on the paid ads and organic rankings, they’ll know you’re a trustworthy brand they should consider purchasing from.

Improve client loyalty

Make things as smooth as possible for the client and they’re more likely to stick with you. PPC and SEO teams working together to streamline data and results allows for optimal working, and joint reporting to show the value of your work. 

Tips for using a combined strategy

Some things to keep in mind if you’re running a combined SEO and PPC strategy.

Keep an eye on your reporting
Cross-channel reporting will allow you to see in detail how search terms are performing across both channels. For example, if you can see certain copy or keywords are working well within an ad campaign, you can use those and put them in your metadata on your site.

Use your data to optimise your site

Optimise your site to ensure you are answering common questions your target audience has. You will also need to ensure the site works well technically, including fast loading times. You want to be directing consumers to well SEO optimised landing pages.

Create content in the right format

You can create landing pages that work well for both PPC and SEO purposes. Split your pages into easy-to-read blocks that cover the conversion elements but also answer key audience questions. You can also target ‘People Also Ask’ opportunities with an FAQ section at the bottom of relevant pages.

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