Authentic Creative Underpinned by Technical Genius. Because Google Loves Authentic – Because People Do.

RICH is an amazing alchemy of two exceptional agencies combining to create one search marketing specialist.


Lucre, a search savvy PR agency, and Crunch – search and digital media specialists, started collaborating under the wing of the Audience Collective.

A shared curiosity, drive to deliver excellence for clients and a vision of how search marketing should work, united the two agencies.

We wanted to deliver better search marketing, more creatively, more holistically and more technically proficient, than others. And to keep things simple.

RICH is a new consultancy. Simplifying search for its clients, using authentic creative, underpinned by technical genius.

Solid data and insight gives us a robust strategic direction. We use amazing creative to authentically connect you with your audience. And we get you seen and heard by the right people in the right places – at the right time.

We’re lucky enough to have lovely offices in Leeds, London and Bristol, handy for most of our clients and great for our teams.

We can’t wait to share our talents and ‘know how’ with those people that find the whole concept of search a daunting and complicated challenge.

We’ll make it brilliantly simple!

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And here’s how we do it…

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We’re led by the data. SEO insights help us to see the opportunity for your product or service when it comes to search visibility. It’s not just about keyword research – we’ll assess your website to ensure that you’re in good shape from a technical perspective too. Our comprehensive technical insights and website optimization plans help give you a competitive edge.

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We benchmark your competitors and assess the wider landscape in terms of where you sit in comparison. Understanding what you’re up against gives us a baseline to help you increase your search presence. We’re on top of the latest trends in digital communications – we’ll spot the opportunities to help you stand out in your field, with relevant content and innovative multichannel solutions.

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Excellent copywriting, stand-out design, engaging video and entertaining podcasts – we do them all. And we do them well. Scoping out the best way to get your message out there is only part of the puzzle. It’s our inspiring and awesome creative which helps us give you the edge. We create content with a purpose and a solid foundation.

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Finding digital PR opportunities to gain those all important backlinks to help with SEO and awareness is something we know we’re good at. But more importantly, we make sure your brand gets a part in the most relevant, timely conversations to help increase awareness and get you noticed. Through influencer marketing, social media campaigns, newsjacking or exploring the most unique and news-worthy hooks for what you do – we’ll get you seen.